Flyers 2014 Quiz

Pitsea RC Crowned Champions!

A fantastic night was had by all at the Flyers Annual Quiz last night.  A tough battle but Pitsea proved to be worthy winners in the end. Our congratulations to them.

A huge thank you to all the clubs who attended and made the night so special enjoyable.

Teams from Leigh on Striders, Tailrunners, Castlepoint Joggers, Rochford Running Club, Pitsea Running Club, East Essex Tri, both teams & runners from Southend and Basildon parkrun.  You are, and will always be, friends of the Flyers.  We hope to see you all next year, to try to knock the defending Champions off their perch.  The swotting up begins – no taper needed!

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All the money raised on the night is to be used for the Flyers Charity Fund (details to be announced in due course), so HUGE thanks for digging deep and supporting the event so generously.   A special mention must go to Anne Purdham who worked so hard for the event to be a success – you are a star.

Thank You to Clair & Andy Henderson, along with Ric Evans for putting the quiz on for us, without you it would not have happened.  Thanks also goes to Kim Midson of the Westcliff Hotel, and Rachel Thornton for the designing of the “flyers” and paperwork.

Our team of bucket holders on the night were fantastic, Mark and Nikki Benham, Amanda Stevens, and Josanne Ell.

All prizes were kindly donated by the following people, our heartfelt thanks.  My apologies if I have forgotten anyone!

Vouchers Prizes – Run Active
Face Painting Party for 20 Children – Donna Richardson
Will Writing and Storage – Elliott Cone
Zest Cut and Blow Dry – Zest via Sam Coombes
Entry to Benfleet 15 – Benfleet Running Club
Sport Therapy Treatment – Kieran Mote
Personal Training Session and Plan – Sam
Renaissance Spa  – Kealey Wright
Family passes to Rollacity – Dee Meech
Pair of His and Hers Flyers Hoodies – Hugh Lovett
Children’s Rucksacks and T Shirts – Hugh Lovett
Lisa Bolton – Yummy Cupcakes

Spirits, Wine (including Champagne), Chocolates, Toiletries

Maggie, Tina, Pam, Helen, Tracy Bliss, Sean, Karen L-S, Kathy, Ken Carey, Carol Ellis, Jacky, Helen, Catherine, Jim (Sir) Gardener, Cathy, Mikki & Justin King, Kevin – we truly appreciate everything you did for us!

Plus a number of people donated money which went to make up the M&S Voucher.


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