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The Starting Line…witness the fitness!

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If you are new to running and would like to join us, then The Starting Line is the fitness course for you.

Even if you have never run before, or have not ran for many years, our group led by Hugh Lovett (read more on Hugh here) will take you from walking to running a full 5km’s in just 9 weeks.m_getting_fit[1]

The 9 week course consist of 3 half hour sessions per week held locally around the Southend/Chalkwell area, and are normally in the early evenings.  Exact times and locations are given out from the privacy of the Facebook page.

How does it work?

Starting you off run/walking for the first few weeks, this will help to condition your respiratory system and muscles to get used to a cardio workout. Making you stronger and more equipped to run.

It gradually increases until before you know it you are doing more running than you are walking.The best bit?  It’s completely free all you will need is a half decent pair of cushioned shoes. Not sure where or what to buy?  We can help with Run Active, a local sports retailer, a specialist in running equipment, will give participants a free gait analysis (how you legs move when you run) and a huge discount for being with the Starting Line!

No expensive gym memberships here!

New groups are starting courses all time, so get in touch and discover how we can change your life for the good – forever.  Many people who started out with the group have gone on to become regular runners.  Friendly and fun is at the core of what we do, and no pressure or shouting drill sergeants types here!  The goal is the same for us – to help you achieve yours.  Running has given us so much, so we are just giving a little back.

Some of first Starting Line members finish their first ever 5k!

Some of first Starting Line members finish their first ever 5k!

Find out more!

Contact us through Facebook or via email at

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Have a chat with us and we can answer any questions or fears you may have.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose….except a few excess lbs maybe.  We have no use for your money, only your time and dedication.