Whitley Bay parkrun – A review from Bosco

Arrived at our friend Claire’s in Newcastle Friday night. Pleased to hear there is a parkrun at Whitley Bay just 15mins walk away . No need for a 25min drive to Exhibition park. Claire had signed up for parkrun but never run it!

Lynne managed to persuade Claire along saying that she would run with Claire and it’s okay to walk it. Claire’s sister-in-law from Ireland came along too to check out the joys of parkrun.

Chatting in a chilly sea breeze waiting for the start we were a bit surprised when 300 folk began running. None of the friendly Southend preamble for new runners or welcomes to 1st timers and visitors.

bosco2We ran down a winding path and North along the esplanade towards the lighthouse. Tide in, making it a lovely run. We stopped to take in the view (and to re-tie my laces!) before we climbed up the hill and over a bridge on a narrow trail. Overtaking was not possible until we headed back South, but still able to view the sea and see the leaders racing back North along the esplanade. Soon I was going down again chasing after them, the length of the esplanade , then up and down the hill at the end so we could race back half way along the esplanade, passing those behind us on their final loop.

I was able to look up and cheer Lynne and Claire on as they had not got back down to the Esplanade. Lynne chatted away, taking in the views. When they got tobosco1 me I told them where to turn back, forgetting about the hill!

We had a laugh about it as an exhausted and exhilarated Claire stopped for a photo after her 1st parkrun. Thrilled to have done it and glad to have been encouraged to give it a go. She just needs the moral support of her son or daughter now to get there in run mode on a Saturday at 9am.

Would love to have chatted to local park runners and enjoyed the beach but had another 300 mile journey North to do!

A very enjoyable run if anyone is up that way.

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