Thurrock 10K Review

When I first looked at this race I was going to use it as a recovery run to stretch my legs after the Amsterdam Marathon.  It was advertised as flat and fast, so I was thinking it would be a good run to go and start again after a couple of weeks recovery.

I managed to convince fellow Flyers Peter Cole, Elliott Cone, and Ian Bernhardt to take part – mainly on the promise of it being flat.  Vicky Irvine joined as the course was dog friendly – perfect for everyone.  It was close to – a short drive up the A13.  The value of £12 for a medal and Tee shirt made it quite attractive too. #cheapblingwins

So we rocked up to the hotel around an hour beforehand, all saying we felt good for a fast run, but a little wary of the wind that had picked up – I guess that is from being close to the shore and the open Rainham Marshes.

Ready and Waiting

Ready and Waiting

We headed out to the start line where the bag drop was.  I say bag drop – a pile of concrete blocks next to the start line.  Whilst waiting a few spots of rain started to come down.  Nothing to worry about surely.

A field of around 100 people I would say at a guess, at the start, and with not too much waiting around we were off.  The route was amended at the last-minute for logistical reasons, which was quite comical as everyone ran down a small pathway to run around a cone.  Not that it caused too many problems.  Then the rain came, and boy did it come down hard and fast.  Side ways, in your face, on your back, it was raining hard – really hard.  Still we pushed on, on this flat course!  What?  The first hill that met us looked like something you would see in the Yorkshire Dales!  Deep breath and we onwards we ploughed.  It was an out and back course x 2.  This meant I could see Pete, Elliott up at the front giving me cries of “well done” and come on “Scotty” – much-needed.   This was good encouragement, and I was hitting my marks perfectly and felt good, albeit soaked to the skin!

On the second out and back, through my squinting eyes due to the driving rain, I saw Elliott running towards me, also squinting through the rain “Whose bloody idea was this?”  was the cry as he ran past in the opposite direction, I laughed – it was mine 🙂   The next time I saw Elliott I was not laughing, he was bare chested running with shirt in his hand.  Shudders! His heart monitor had slipped down to his belly, and he looked like he could have gone home there and then!

Once finished I was pleased to see that I had hit a PB, (44:30) so despite the hills and rain, it had lived up to its billing as a fast course.  Elliott missing out on a PB by just 3 seconds to hit a cracking 40:15, Vicky also hit a PB taking 3 minutes off her previous best.  Ian was fast but not Southend 10K fast but still hit a huge 43:15.  However, special mention to Peter Cole whose incredible 8th place finish with a time of 38:17.  The T1000 roles on and on.

As far as races go, I would say it was a nice, small and friendly race with great PB potential.  Would I recommend it?  Yes.  It’s a low-cost race but that does not mean it is a low-class race by any means.

We all had a good run, despite the mountain in the middle, and the pouring rain.  One for the diary next year.

Certainly a good alternative for the Billericay 10K.



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