Rudolph Run and Scurry Report

So as you can see from the pre race picture above, The Flyers turned out for the yearly 5 mile Southend Rudolph Run and 1 Mile kids ‘Race’!

It was a sunny but somewhat cold and blustery day on the seafront as we met up with everyone and Anna who was on Echo photography duty.

We all seemed to be in good moods, ready for what turned out to be a great day for The Flyers.

Evie was dressed in what she liked to call her ‘Santa Princess’ outfit and Gill fresh from her early morning LSR decided to run with her, dressed in a Reindeer jumper kindly provided by Samantha Coombes who turned up to support us in shorts and flip-flops (well it was sunny and we were by the seaside)!

So at 10:15 the one mile kids run was off

Paul Gribbon (complete with antlers) was running with Thomas, Gill was running with Evie, and Ben, well he was on his own!IMG_0259 Ben certainly had psyched himself up for this and was taking it seriously as he didn’t want to dress up, he just wanted to wear his flyers top . ‘Represent’ seems to be one of his in words at the moment, so he muscled himself to the front at the start. The next time I saw him, was at the halfway point and he was lying in second place, with a bit of cheering from Samantha and myself he had a sudden burst of speed and went into first place, I was actually thinking that there was no way he’ll be able to hold on at that pace.

So we moved across to the finish and there were quite a lot of adults milling about getting ready for the main event, this made it difficult to see the kids, until the flash of orange came through the crowds whizzed to the finish line and promptly threw up, thus making the man staring at him heave! Soon after Paul (with antlers still intact) and Thomas came through and then a while after Gill and Evie (with a big grin on her face) .IMG_0258

So yes, it’s not a race, but try telling Ben that when he’s got a 10ft Triathlete in front of him (see pic right)!

I’m really sorry if this report has a slight bias to it, I only really followed Ben around the course as he was on his own.

One thing I would like to add is that the Kids were forced to run on the cycle path as the footpath is probably way to close to the road. However there was a lack of marshals at this point and I did see a couple of cyclists heading towards the kids. Fortunately they all got home safely which is not exactly what happened in the adults race.

Ben was obviously delighted at crossing the line in first place and we heard about it all day, infact at his bedtime he had his pyjamas on and was still wearing his medal!

So onto the 5 Mile Rudolph run which I hasten to add was measured correctly this year as I had heard reports that it was short in previous.

Marked as a ‘Fun Run’ (try telling that to these people)!IMG_0255

At 10:30am we were under starters orders and off!

I saw elves, Santa’s, reindeer’s, penguins and Jesus! This wasn’t one my old regular Saturday nights out (that’s another story) this was a Sunday run!

I hasten to add that not everyone was dressed up there were some people taking it seriously, like myself who wore an Arsenal shirt, the only thing red and white that I had and had I worn it a couple of years ago I may have looked like Santa, but without the beard and white hair, so nothing like him at all really , I would have just looked like a fat bloke in a football shirt!
I got booed at mile 4 by some Sp**s fans who shouted that I should be disqualified, oh well, I didn’t answer back because they are probably going to carry that affliction for the rest of their lives (sorry Sp**s fans).

Dan Slayford was dressed as Santa , his suit was deceiving, whilst making him look fat it had a fan on it which blew the suit up, thus giving him interior air conditioning, cooling him on his run and making him the first Flyer home. Just kidding Dan, you’re on a great run of runs at the moment and long may it last. I didn’t see Dan’s time but I think he was probably a top 10 finisher and first Santa home. So well done.

IMG_0253Carol Ellis, Tina Boswell and Kathy Shore all looked amazing in their Mrs Clause outfits and it was good to see Tina back running after a little layoff through injury.

Even some of the flyers had little races and rivalries amongst themselves and other runners, I got involved with this girl at mile 2 ( involved in the racing sense I hasten to add ) and it carried on until mile 4 when I finally broke her, looked over my shoulder at her and gave her that kind of ‘in your face’ look!

No such thing as a fun run here!

Special mentions to Maggie who was dressed as an elf, and Jim who both finished first in their age categories earning themselves a bottle of bubbly each at the after run presentation.IMG_0251
Ben got a box of chocolates and a big tube of Rolos. So I’m expecting Ben to turn up looking like Augustus Gloop at next years event!

Terry Calver was also running for the Flyers but I only briefly saw him. Vicky Irvine was adorned in a Christmas jumper and elf hat, unfortunately there was no Rafa running as he would look good in antlers and a red muzzle!

The Rudolph medal was quite cool, however with it being much better than the kids medal Evie saw this and promptly went into meltdown mode saying hers was rubbish and she wanted my one!




All in all apart from the cold wind it was a good, light hearted day with some great running, especially from the Flyers.

On a negative note, there were a couple of things.

1. Please can race organisers get water to the finish line rather than 200 m further past it. People are running in jumpers and outfits that make them hot, even I was hot and I wasn’t running in all that clobber.

2. More marshals are required near the cycle path, in the junior race they had to run on this, the foot path is too close to the road, but cyclists were going in the opposite direction towards the kids, fortunately the ones I saw had the sense to slow down Unfortunately the same cannot be said in the adult run. Runner and cyclist had a collision, apparently they didn’t exchange Christmas cards when they picked themselves up either, but I hear some rather choice words were exchanged. I hope they are both ok.

3. Bottles of beetroot juice, although free are probably not going to be that popular. However thanks for the Xmas puds and Jaffa cakes that kept Evie’s meltdown in check!

Excellent day, and ‘Fun’ to run this event and its always nice to get a new medal.


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