Peter Cole Reviews Regent Park 10K

A slightly overly competitive run report from Peter Cole…

A few weeks back I received a text message from Scotty Brenton about a 10K race that was flatter than a pancake! Before I put the phone down I had confirmed my race entry!! However, I received a second message a few minutes later saying that the course may not be PB Fantastic as originally promised!

Within no time at all, we had grouped together a small number of Flyers that were willing to brace the cold and a challenging 10k multiple lapped course.
We travelled by train to Baker Street and after a short walk we were at the race Head Quarters. There was a large field of runners (approximately 700 in total) preparing by the start line and we managed to briefly run a half mile warm up before reaching our starting places.

This is where the competitive edge kicked in and friendship disappeared; if you’re not willing to lose every friend you ever have then there’s no point competing is what my wife Said’s about me!

Dan, Justin, Lloyd, Scotty and I were in our racing starting places about 75 feet from the front line. This just wasn’t good enough so I ran around god knows how many runners and was now only feet 50 feet from the starting position, as we stepped forward I looked behind me and saw my fellow Flyers within touching distance….. we were off!

The path way along Regents Park is reasonably narrow so Justin and I pushed towards the front, running at 5:40 pace for the first 800m together to get out-of-the-way of the other runners.

Before long, I was in my stride, my first mile was 6:05 pace which was my goal race pace! By now the race field had spread out and I had plenty of space between me and other runners. My splits for the first 3 miles were spot on, however on mile 4 and 5 I dipped to 6:15ish pace. I couldn’t tell you why I dipped as I felt good and had bags of energy from resting during the week. However when the Garmin beeped for mile 6 to begin I knew I had to overtake the bloke in front. By now he was 50 feet in front. I waited until the course turned up a 400m small incline to kick, got to his shoulder and continued to push. Before I knew it, I was in front of him and now set my sights on another runner approximately 70 feet ahead. Like clockwork, I managed to catch him before the end of mile 6 and now to sprint to the finish (like most weeks at park run!) I applied the T1000 arm pumping technic to maintain the small lead over my fellow competitor. My finish time was 38:09 and I finished 21st out of 700 runners, so happy days! I was pretty chuffed although the allusive sub 38 minute 10k barrier will have to wait until the new year!

Flyers celebrate a good finish to the race calendar.

Flyers celebrate a good finish to the race calendar.

My fellow Flyers helped me celebrate my PB with a classy Weatherspoon’s breakfast and a pint and before I knew Justin and I had left the others to go “out out” to celebrate some more.

A good day had by all.

Over all race summary.

• Good travel links from Southend
• Well organised and marshals at every corner.
• The bag drop relied on each runner leaving their bag in a changing room and at a certain time the doors would be locked which would work well if you left the changing room at the last-minute and also finished 1st to get there early to ensure your bag was still there.
• Will I return next year? – Yes and I’m also tempted in taking park in the royal Parks series which is a set of races around London during the Autumn / winter season.
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