Newham London 10k and Family Run Review July 2015

On Sunday 19 July the Richardson family took part in organised runs at the Olympic Park at Stratford in east London.loyd3

In the morning Dad ran a 10k round the park with the finish in the Olympic Stadium on that famous track. It was warm, it was undulating and it was an absolutely amazing finish in the stadium with family and supporters cheering from the stands. Some Flyers have done it before – I can confirm that the finish is still every bit as amazing the second time around.

At midday it was time for the family run – advertised as a 2km run around the Olympic Park which was measured on my watch as 2 miles. This also had the same finish on the track inside the stadium.

loyd4Running it for Team Richardson was Alice (15), Macy (12), Honey (8) and Verity (6) accompanied by Mum and Dad. I asked each of the children who wanted to write the report for the Flyers website?

“Not me” they all said. And at least two of them said, “That is so boring.”

What about drawing a picture? “No way!”

So I eventually persuaded them to answer some interview style questions.

Right then girls, what was your best bit about the run on Sunday?

Honey: Getting a medal and running through the Olympic Stadium.

Macy: Running through the sprinkler because it was nice and wet and cool. I liked running through the Olympic Stadium where the Olympic athletes ran. And getting a medal.

Verity: Going to the Disney shop.

[After further questioning] I liked the sprinklers and getting a medal.

[Then Macy and Verity had an argument because Macy said the sprinkler bit first and it was her idea. Verity stomps off in tears.]

Donna: Seeing Paula Radcliffe.

Alice: The atmosphere when we entered the Olympic Stadium.

What was your most memorable moment?

Honey: Going through the tunnel.

Macy: The goblin crow laughing at the train station.

[In the morning when we caught the train there was a pigeon that was making a funny noise and the girls agreed it sounded like a goblin laughing. And THAT was her highlight of the whole day?]

Verity: Getting my medal.

Macy: Running through Olympic Stadium. [Having changed her mind.]

Alice: Getting my medal. Running together as a family and alongside Paula Radcliffe. [Paula was running with her son.]

[At the finish we all ran through the finish line hand in hand except for Alice who ‘doesn’t do chains’.]

What was the worst thing?

Verity: Dropping my shopkin on the train and when it rolled under a chair. [Her shopkin is a small toy avocado and don’t worry she got it back.]

Alice: My aching legs afterwards. And when Honey overtook me.

Macy: Having greasy hair when we were in Westfields afterwards.

Donna: Macy complaining all day that her hair was greasy.

What would you have changed?

Alice: I would give everyone a free Starbucks coffee. Starbucks is bae. [Bae means good apparently.]

Macy: I would change it so that I came first and be the winner. And get a goody bag.

Macy: I would have washed my hair before we went too.

Honey: I didn’t like the waiting around and standing in queues.

Donna: I would change Macy moaning about her hair.

Anything else?

Alice: I am never running again.

Macy: I would like there to be showers after the run so I could wash my hair.

Honey: I would like more Flyers to come. It would be nice to have friends to talk to and cheer us.

Verity: I didn’t buy anything at the Disney shop.

Would you do it again?

Honey: Yes. I ran all the way. I like seeing London.

Verity: Hmmm. Ummm … [long pause while she considers the answer] …

Well? Yes or no?

Verity: Nope. It goes on for ages. I do want to do it though.

Macy: What did the others say? Erm, I think maybe. Probably yes. If it wasn’t that warm. It was quite fun to do it.

Alice: No.

Donna: Yes. Do the 10k next time.

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