Marathon Runners READY!!

So, it is finally in sight….Marathon Weekend.

Many of the Flyers will be setting out on their very first marathons at the inaugural Chelmsford Marathon.  Some, have decided as their second Marathon that time is the key and Abingdon and Amsterdam are the marathons of choice.

So 4 days to go, a hive of activity on Facebook claiming taper madness, nerves, phantom injuries sandwiched by those oozing pure confidence that they will smash their goals – Peter Cole – ahem.tapering

So do we have advice – Yes plenty. Any good advice?  Sure, there will be lots, but from the Flyers website – only one piece of advice – Enjoy it the best you can!

Many say they will run a marathon, but don’t.  Many start on the long training road, and look to finish the training, and don’t.

All those all are starting out on Sunday – you did, so keep that in mind as you move ever closer to that 26.2 mile finish. Trust me when I say, that feeling as you cross the line, and they place the low cost medal around your neck, is pretty special.

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