Long Road to Recovery

…….and a year end reflection


After a long stint of PBs and general success in my running…BANG!! Metatarsal fracture. Temporarily out the game.

Since the beginning of 2014, it felt everything was coming together, a well oiled machine.


A PB at the years toughest multi terrain race, The Benfleet 15.

Followed by a sub 1hr40 half marathon at Colchester
And the cherry above the icing on the cake, a sub 4 marathon in Milton Keynes


52 days ago (at time of publishing) I fell over my own feet and fractured my 5th metatarsal. One of my worse fears, 7 weeks of no running.

After one week I could feel how restless I was, I was stressed, irritable and could feel myself losing everything I worked hard for this year. I endured many painful hours of evening TV and weekend lie-ins and could feel every pound in weight i gained. Eventually I tried a bit of swimming and I even made the attempt to commute to work by cycling but nothing to replace the satisfaction of crossing a line with a fellow flyer.

But tonight, I dusted off those shiny yellows, laced up my trainers and pounded the pavement. By no means was it quick, but it was far better than i anticipated how it would go. When I finally hit 5k, I couldn’t help but pump my fist in knowing I was and am back on the long road to recovery.

Amongst all this, injury and pain, some one reminded me a few months back, just how much I’d achieved this year, and as the year draws closer to the end, it feels putting ‘pen to paper’ makes it easier to reflect:

  • PB at Benfleet 15
  • Sub 1:40 half marathon
  • A Brighton marathon volunteer
  • Sub 4hr marathon at Milton Keynes
  • International race in Brugges
  • Solo 24hr endurance race
  • Nonstop countrywide relay world record attempt
  • Berlin marathon
  • Chelmsford marathon
  • Injured, healed and still been able to put in a 5k at least until the year is through.

I feel like superman. And I know it sounds cheesy and cliche but I really do owe a lot of my success this year to everyone of the Flyers. A close knit second family of runners who have given me the support and inspiration when I needed it most.


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