Billericay Striders 10k Review aka #medalsnotmugs

There’s something about your alarm going off at 6am on a Sunday morning which is quite normal for us runner types, however this Sunday the alarm went off at 6 and all I could hear was the wind howling and the rain smashing against our roof. So what did I do, or rather what did I want to do? You guessed, I got out of bed got ready and put my running clobber on. Maybe those non runners have a point when they call us obsessed!

Anyway after some peanut butter and a banana, myself and Gill are off along the A127 (not forgetting Ben in the back) to meet with Karen L-s and family, Keith aka Papa Smurf and Graham and Anne. By this time the rain had eased but it was still wet and windy and quite chilly.

The convoy soon reached TOWIE country and the weather certainly was not REEM.

We soon arrived at the start early enough to get ourselves a parking space, sort our numbers out and have a cuppa prior to the race starting.

There were a fair few Flyers running and some excellent support as well. Those runners were – myself, Gill, Anne, Maggie, Keith, Karen, Colin, Mark And Nikki Benham, Dan Slayford, Catherine, Jackie,Debbie, Alex, Jim,

Ready to Go.

Ready to Go.

Val and Cheryl, unfortunately we were missing Rachael through the dreaded lurgy (hope you are feeling better) Support came from the L-s clan as well as Lynn, Graham, Pete and Ben.

Anyhow back to the race. Everyone is getting ready in the sports hall, a man comes in and says a few words through a megaphone that no one can make head or tail of, but it had something to do with where the toilets were.

Then we were off outside to get to our respective starting places, they had day glow signs up with various proposed finishing times on.

3-2-1 sound of an air horn and we are off, it’s windy and there are just a few spots of light rain, but nothing compared to what our fellow Flyers got at Thurrock, oh well, 1-0 to us!

So the first K happens to be mainly uphill. What’s this all about? It then levels out somewhat, but certainly the first 5k seemed to be slightly more uphill than down. Did I mention it was windy?

At 5k the marshall said “all downhill now” I have to say all of the Marshall’s were great, so supportive and encouraging (except this one who blatantly lied as I got round the corner and ran up a hill)

I managed to stay on Mark Benhams coat tails for the first 5k, but I don’t know what he had for breakfast because by 7k couldn’t see him, he went on to smash his PB, I don’t know by how much but by witnessing his PB happy dance in the sports hall I should imagine it was by a fair amount (Lionel Blair meets Michael Flatley springs to mind).

So summarising, the rain held up, it was fairly hilly, maybe incliney (if that’s a word, which it’s not) and did I mention windy?

The race was great and I would recommend it, running through nice country back roads, not a lot of traffic, however, I do believe that some runners had some shenanigans with the odd car.

The finish was great, it was all downhill for the last 800m to the finish line and there was Lynn, Ian, Drew, Naomi, Ben and Graham cheering us across the line where we did the usual, went through the finish, had our chips removed from our shoes and picked up our customary medals erm I mean mugs! Yep, you heard it right, mugs!


Alex Thornton sporting his err…. mug!

Nice idea, if you have a mug hanger and not a medal hanger!

I jest, considering it was cheap at £11 it could have been worse, I could have been Dan and dropped mine haha! Or ran an earlier year when they gave you a beer towel or a pen. Still it’s nice to get any sort of memento (especially a medal)!

It was a great day and a great race with lots of PB’s. Dan, Catherine, Mark Benham and myself all bagging one and I’m sure there were others but I haven’t heard of them yet so sorry if I didn’t mention yours.

Anne and Graham bought along some post race flapjacks and rice crispie cakes which went down a treat, we then walked back to the sports hall for our post race meet where Val had a massage, we drank tea and had quite literally our post race mug shots taken!

All in all a good race with a great atmosphere, well organised and what can I say when your running with the Flyers every meet is a good meet regardless of how you ran.

Would I do it again? Yes.

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