24 Highs & Lows of HARP 24 Race by Jacky Halls


1. People sitting around in the dark wearing head torches as if it’s perfectly normal.

2. People (well, one person) doing crochet in the dark wearing a head torch and glow stick ears as if it’s perfectly normal.

3. People running insane numbers of miles with zeros on the end as if it’s perfectly normal.

4. Saying “hello” to all the many dog-walkers and “hello??” to the random Shetland pony-walker.

5. Being surrounded by awesome and inspirational people. I mean they were everywhere.

6. Running single-file and doing a running Conga singing “We are pretty awe-some”.

7. The bit in charades when Tina’s perfect and unmistakeable rendition of Jaws was met with an enthusiastic guess of “Pocahontas!”

8. Running through fields at 1am on a warm summer night with the moon in the sky.

9. Fairy lights on tents.

10.Children from various families playing together, getting on well and making unforgettable childhood memories.

11. Having an excuse to eat blueberry muffins round the clock and calling it carb loading.

12. The yodelling tunnel.

13. The enjoyable company of my lovely friend and running buddy Debbie.

14. A hot cup of tea from the tea tent first thing on Sunday morning.

15. Lin and Maggie. Nuff said.

16. Lisa’s gorgeous dog Woody (who attempted to eat a tutu for breakfast and a kitchen roll for dessert)

17. Receiving expert counseling for Acute Hair Trauma at a time of great need.

18. The happiness at hearing Flyers teams announced in the results, knowing how much determination and sheer effort every one of them had put into it…and then seeing them awarded their well-deserved trophies.

19. The big-hearted guy who sponsored all the hot drinks all weekend and made me get all emosh thinking about the good people who find ways to make a difference.

20. Doing a last-minute final lap in a group with team mates and finding it the most enjoyable one of all and ending the running on a high.

21. This is the big one. Seeing Flyers spirit go totally off the scale. To all of you who helped someone else, even when you had your own personal challenges, you are amazing and you make the Flyers what they are. And now for the Low points:

22. The down-side of No. 21… Seeing lovely people going through tough times.

23. The sorry state of everyone’s poor feet by the end. Triple-decker blisters do actually exist! (Who knew?)

24. Knowing it’s a whole year until we can come back and do this amazing thing again!

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