Wimbledon Common Half Marathon run report : Sunday 16th October (by Vicky Jeeves)

It’s a week before my first half marathon and along with another 20 odd flyers, we all start to chat about our travel plans. Originally I’d planned to take the train, but Google Maps informed me my journey would be almost 3 hours and taking into account the problems on the trains the week before for the Royal Parks half, […]

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Flyers Ekiden….A Race Like No Other….

We are proud to announce our first race! Organized in conjunction with Flyers Southend it’s a race like no other! Online entry is available at https://www.fullonsport.com/event/flyers-ekiden-relay/profile So here’s the plan: 50 teams of 5 slog it out over the marathon distance of 26.2 miles or 42.195km depending on your Garmin settings.  Each team member completes a distance of 5.24 miles, over 2 laps. […]

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